80 in class

November 16, 2009

Assignment 70

November 9, 2009

Splat. Eggs make a surprisingly cruchy sound, really. More of a splach. Or a krltch. By joint effort with Miss Bobanda:

We used my D40 for all of this. Neither of us have Macs, so we tried Framethief, which refused to recognize the camera. Then we tried encoding the frames to video with ffmpeg on the command line, but documentation for doing this is sort of krltch. So that wasn’t working very well. Then we used Final Cut which, after those difficulties associated with using Final Cut for the first time, worked out.

The music, as cited everywhere, was created by Vincent Diamante as the title song for my favorite indie videogame, Cloud. I recorded the splach effect with a real egg on my desk. (I had a bunch of eggs left over from an art project.)

Physical difficulties included shooting outside, as the light level changed. I initially locked exposure so as to avoid flickering, but this was exactly the wrong thing to do, given it got darker as the king and his entourage approached. Also, it was cold, and the clay got brittle and fell apart. By the end, the king had more of a leper colony. A raw-egg-covered leper colony. It was gross. (I saw Connor & Gina having the same outdoor lighting problem. They borrowed my camera & SD card, and now I have all their frames. (Muahaha.))

Using a still camera makes high quality cheap, I realized. I think I got the D40 for ~$200 (must have been used, I don’t remember). But if we’d wanted to, we could have shot in 3008×2000 px & 16-bit.


xkcd #442 animated

November 6, 2009


stop motion

October 26, 2009


And also Oren Lavie:

Assignment 60

October 26, 2009

Regardez, and be underwhelmed.

I pronounce Flash to be really cool but badly designed. There is often only one obscure method to accomplish a simple task. Moving data between layers and back/forth in time is a pain.

Rotoscoping was fun to try but I couldn’t figure out how to fill in the lines I was drawing, since they weren’t closed paths. So that part looks kind of ugly.

Assignment 52

October 5, 2009

I was aiming for: a guy walks into his office, starts his computer, and has some trouble with it. Thankfully, my computer has never made that buzzing sound at the end, but it seemed like something a particularly cantankerous piece of late 20th century technology might inflict upon the user. (That’s another thing. I miss 90s keyboards. Today’s are rubbery and unresponsive.)

Most of these sounds came from the Network library. Connor graciously provided the sounds of frustration, which came through fine on a cheap mic. Which makes sense, as those sounds have a lot of mid & high frequency noise. There’s a little distorted noise on the first sigh, which comes from breathing on the mic. I was able to reduce that by cutting out the low frequencies. The Windows sounds, I pulled from my XP partition at home. I messed with them with the equalizer to mimic a crappy computer’s speakers.

Assignmnets 50 & 51

October 5, 2009

Regarding Luigi Russolo’s “The Art of Noises”, it’s interesting how the noise music (noise rock) he speaks of has become commonplace, part of the mass culture. This is just what he expected, and he would have us continue to experiment this way.

Regarding “Noise Water Meat”, the science is familiar to me. (I always thought there should be a metal band named “Threshold of Pain”.) I remember picking apart music & waves & speech and wondering how such different sounds could be made from such similar waves. Fourier’s a bitch.

Assignment 32

September 21, 2009

I haven’t had to tie a tie in a while…
Click for complete image:

hangman thumb

It might go somewhere like this. This was exceedingly easy to execute. I didn’t bother tracing any photo sources in favor of simplicity & abstraction of the image. I wasn’t sure the last step would click, but people seem to understand it, so I now I’m going to bed.

P.S. This site is really nice:

Assignment 31

September 20, 2009

Monster Jobs/Template Monster logo:


Whoever made the Jobs logo was kind of anal, the way the borders of each color block line up. Both were grouped by color, rather than shape, making editing less than as convenient as possible.

Assignment 22

September 7, 2009

Migrant Monroe

This is a crude and kitsch bit of Photoshoping. Please do not appreciate it.

Made from two images in the public domain: Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother” from the Library of Congress and a still from the trailer for “The Prince and the Showgirl” from the Wikimedia Commons.

HI RES VERSION: 4k x 5k px png (9.1 MB)