Assignment 13

August 29, 2009

Edit – Here are lyrics.
One day someone
enrolled in ems1
and thought it would be some fun
to set his assignment to song

he was from Champaign, Illinois
’till someone told him, “boy
do you want to be unemployed?”
go find a bfa degree

where the rivers warp in waves
and the swine flu doth rage
where statues stand severe and withholding

where the name “Paul Miller”
doesn’t rhyme with anything
somewhere in the middle, somewhere Oakland

Chords are stolen from Death Cab’s “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”.

So it’s a bit longer than 30 seconds… I loaned one of the hd cameras with a tape. It took a while to figure out and the hd doesn’t really count for anything, but I learned a lot by the end and I’m glad I went to the trouble. I hadn’t used that media room before; I’ll have to go back and try the audio equipment. I also hadn’t used iMovie, and I quite like it.


Assignment 12

August 27, 2009

Edit – This is a song by Laura Veirs, whom I first heard as a guest vocalist in The Decemberist’s Yankee Bayonets. The homemade video fits the simplicity of the song pretty well.

Edit – I confess I think the technology here is cooler than the message. OpenCV is something I will have to check out.

Edit – This is my favorite place in my hometown, the main library building for the University of Illinois. Especially the main stacks. I think I like libraries better than books.

Hello world!

August 26, 2009

Bonne anniversaire, D├ęclaration des droits de l’Homme et du citoyen.