Assignment 21

September 1, 2009

Original on the left, ‘shopped on the right. All I did was clone out acne & freckles. I tried to move features around a bit as well but the only way I could figure that was the smudge tool… which of course left smudge marks, so the proportions are unchanged. As far as getting a good pictures, more thought went into the photography and lighting… It’s hard to get enough light. Our windows are small and our artificial lights are all orange-tinted. I happened to learn that high ISO settings can contribute to noise. I couldn’t get the result completely sharp… I don’t know if I moved during the slightly-longer-than-instantaneous exposure, or if the focus was actually off. Auto-focus was acting really strange.

Suppose an interview article…

I don’t think I’d much care. So much of the photographer’s hand shows in a photo anyway; you can make flattering or unflattering images of a person without digital trickery. If they were to do something ridiculous like put my head on a different body I might be amused but I don’t think I’d be offended.


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