Assignment 52

October 5, 2009

I was aiming for: a guy walks into his office, starts his computer, and has some trouble with it. Thankfully, my computer has never made that buzzing sound at the end, but it seemed like something a particularly cantankerous piece of late 20th century technology might inflict upon the user. (That’s another thing. I miss 90s keyboards. Today’s are rubbery and unresponsive.)

Most of these sounds came from the Network library. Connor graciously provided the sounds of frustration, which came through fine on a cheap mic. Which makes sense, as those sounds have a lot of mid & high frequency noise. There’s a little distorted noise on the first sigh, which comes from breathing on the mic. I was able to reduce that by cutting out the low frequencies. The Windows sounds, I pulled from my XP partition at home. I messed with them with the equalizer to mimic a crappy computer’s speakers.


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