Assignment 70

November 9, 2009

Splat. Eggs make a surprisingly cruchy sound, really. More of a splach. Or a krltch. By joint effort with Miss Bobanda:

We used my D40 for all of this. Neither of us have Macs, so we tried Framethief, which refused to recognize the camera. Then we tried encoding the frames to video with ffmpeg on the command line, but documentation for doing this is sort of krltch. So that wasn’t working very well. Then we used Final Cut which, after those difficulties associated with using Final Cut for the first time, worked out.

The music, as cited everywhere, was created by Vincent Diamante as the title song for my favorite indie videogame, Cloud. I recorded the splach effect with a real egg on my desk. (I had a bunch of eggs left over from an art project.)

Physical difficulties included shooting outside, as the light level changed. I initially locked exposure so as to avoid flickering, but this was exactly the wrong thing to do, given it got darker as the king and his entourage approached. Also, it was cold, and the clay got brittle and fell apart. By the end, the king had more of a leper colony. A raw-egg-covered leper colony. It was gross. (I saw Connor & Gina having the same outdoor lighting problem. They borrowed my camera & SD card, and now I have all their frames. (Muahaha.))

Using a still camera makes high quality cheap, I realized. I think I got the D40 for ~$200 (must have been used, I don’t remember). But if we’d wanted to, we could have shot in 3008×2000 px & 16-bit.


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